Weekly Round-Up



The weekly round-up is a weekly collection of what I have been reading and watching from around the web. My goal is to share some of what the Holy Spirit has been using to shape and challenge my thinking and ministry.

Marriage Is Not About You; Divorce Is All About You

This is a great article on marriage. One of my favorite quotes is “Couples don’t fall out of love. They fall out of repentance. They don’t falter in their passion for each other; they falter in their worship of God.”

A good marriage does not happen on accident. It takes continuous work and lots of intentionality. But often in the busyness of life, it gets our leftovers. This article is a great reminder about the importance of marriage.

Keys to Understanding Jesus’ Life and Ministry

I have to admit, this one seems a bit basic on the surface. But isn’t it the basic truths about Christ that are the most life-changing? Check out what he says “In that moment, God could’ve just snapped his finger and forgiven sins. But instead, he wanted to have a real relationship with us, and he wasn’t looking for a Plan B. So he sent his only Son into the world to become a man and undo everything Adam did (Rom. 5:12-21). By living a perfect and obedient human life, Jesus restored mankind’s relationship with God and gave us all hope of spending eternity with God through faith in him. (Rom. 6:23).”

Take some time today to let the awesome nature of Jesus capture your heart again, even if the information isn’t “new.”

Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers

This one is for you, moms! While I may not be an exhausted, young mother; I am married to one! I am also an exhausted, young dad and many of the same principles apply. “If you lose your communion with God, you will lose not only a source of strength for the sake of parenting, but you will lose the very thing you want most to impart to this child.” What a powerful reminder about the importance of taking care of our soul!

Praying Scripture for Transformation

Praying passages of scripture has been one of the best things I have ever done for my prayer life. Now, I realize that is a big claim, but I mean it. By praying Scripture, we appropriate its truth in our thoughts and affections, which renews our minds and draws us heavenward.

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