Weekly Round-Up

The weekly round-up is a weekly collection of what I have been reading and watching from around the web. My goal is to share some of what the Holy Spirit has been using to shape and challenge my thinking and ministry.

You Wake Up In A War

Great reminder that every day we wake up we are engaging in a spiritual battle. Read this excerpt. “I get up every morning and fight that fight. Every morning, that’s my war. Am I wanting to look at Twitter before I look at Jesus? Sounds stupid. That’s how stupid sin is. So every morning, there’s war…”

Rooting for America as a Citizen of Heaven

Because we are citizens of the kingdom of God, we should seek the welfare of whatever earthly country we live in. The author says “This Acts 1:8 kind of patriotism, that sends us on mission locally, nationally, and internationally, allows us to love our closest neighbors, love our neighbors across the ocean, and love those whom God is sending form around the world to form our communities.”

If You Don’t Care For the Poor, You Don’t Understand The Gospel

This is a convicting read that reminds us of the need and importance of sharing the gospel with those who do not have it. J.D. Greear says “The way you can tell you have understood this gospel truth is that you see people in need—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and you instinctively pour yourself out for them.”

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