The Effective Connection Group Leader

There is not a leader in the world who would say that they do not want to be effective. Unless their name is Ron Swanson and their goal is to sabotage the government, every leader wants to be effective. But what does it look like to be an effective leader, specifically as a Connection Group Bible Study Leader at Ambassador? In this post we outline five ways that we can be effective as Connection Group Leaders.


Keep it in front of your group what a vibrant Connection Group looks like. Remind them of the vision and purpose for why your group is meeting. The purpose of our groups it to provide an environment for application, accountability and affirmation. An effective leader reminds the group of this purpose and why it is vital!


Communication is a two-way street. It’s not just about what you give, but what others receive. If what you are saying can be misunderstood – mark it down that it most likely will. Ask people what they are hearing. When the group is planning things out, or when someone is sharing their heart, ask questions so you can understand, and the other person knows what is being received. Work at listening well.

If you as a leader need anything, communicate through your status update. Be sure to make the announcements every week, write down prayer requests, and let us know if you need anything! We want to be here to help your group in any way needed.


Identify things in your group that could become better and encourage growth in those areas. Encourage group meeting and activity attendance. Encourage and challenge people to prioritize being a part so they can grow in their walk with God! Encourage people to fill out their lessons prior to your group meeting time. Growth never happens by accident! So be intentional in encouraging your group to be intentional.


Communicate with absentees. Let them know that they were missed! Take the people in your group out to eat in a one-on-one setting and see how they are doing. Get to know their heart. An effective leader cares about the soul of the people in their group.


Encourage your group by making meals when needed, visiting the hospital, be there for special times of prayer. But also have fun with your group! Host a game night, go enjoy a ball-game. Look for opportunities to laugh with your group.

An effective leader also recognizes the power of remembering the the little things in life. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. Do Random acts of kindness towards to folks in your group. Randomly give out rewards for perfect attendance or filling out the lesson ahead of time. When someone has a “life win” or a big answer to prayer celebrate that! Throw a party.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but every effective Connection Group Leader does these things in some form or fashion. How are you growing at becoming an effective leader?

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