Childcare Policies & Procedures


  • Parents can use the free childcare provided for ages 0-11 years-old by the Ambassador Baptist Church on Thursday nights.
  • If meeting on a different night than Thursday, parents can still bring their kids ages 4 years old – 5th grade so they can participate in kid’s choir. Please do not drop off your nursery age kids (0-3 years old) if you are not meeting on Thursday night.
  • All kids need to be picked up by 8:10pm to ensure music practice begins at 8:15pm on Thursday nights.


  • Children must be dropped off no earlier than 6:40pm.
  • Children must be picked up by 8:10pm.
  • Parents who are late picking up their children, will be asked to find another means of childcare. Two warnings will be given, the third time a parent is late to pick up their child, they will be asked to find another means of childcare for a one month period.
  • If the group as a whole is consistently late to pick up their children, the group will be asked to meet back on campus.


  • Pool money for a baby sitter each week.
  • One family rotates watching the kids each week in a separate room.
  • Ask church members from groups that meet on a different night to babysit.
  • If your group has older kids, have them join in on the Bible study each week.

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